Carl Mintz

M, #24283, b. 2 October 1925, d. 14 May 1990
Name Variation  Carl Mintz was also known as Delbert Carl.1 
Birth*2 October 1925 He was born on 2 October 1925 at Toronto, Ontario, Canada, son of Harvey E Mintz.2 
Marriage* He married Phyliss Marion Mabee, daughter of Thomas Earl Mabee and Beryl Mary Rose.3 
(Witness) Residence1953 Carl Mintz lived with Beryl Mary Mabee in 1953 at 89 West Street, Brampton, Peel County, Ontario, Canada; Mrs Beryl Mabee, widow
Carl Mintz, bricklayer
Mrs Phyllis Mintz.4 
Residence*1974 Carl Mintz and Phyliss Marion Mintz lived in 1974 at 78 Townhouse Crescent, Brampton, Peel County, Ontario, Canada; Carl Mintz, Carpenter
Phyllis Mintz, Machine Operator.4 
Death*14 May 1990 Carl Mintz died on 14 May 1990 at Brampton, Peel County, Ontario, Canada, at age 64.5 


Phyliss Marion Mabee b. 31 Jan 1927, d. 17 Dec 2017


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