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 #  Source ID   Title, Author 
101 S215 DAR submission of Virginia Miller Caccia, #394442. Photocopy of typescript original, undated, from Bo Pitsker
102 S423 Darrell Lockhart, P O box 27, McKenzie Island, Ontario; Date: 28 Jun 2006; Location: PO box 27, McKenzie Island, Ontario
Darrell Lockhart 
103 S551 Data from Ancestry Family Trees abstracted by Julie Phillips Minor
104 S485 David John Heintz; Number: 417
David John Heintz 
105 S53 Death Certificate, Salmon, Lemhi County, Idaho, Informant: son John W. Maybee, #; Name Of Person: Mary Amanda Rufus
106 S158 Death Certificate, State of California
107 S129 Della Bain Maybee; Recipient: John D. MayBee; Date: 9 March 2001; Address: Weiser, Idaho; Author E-Mail:
Kay Roben Ball 
108 S498 Demarest, Robert E
Robert Emmett Demarest Jr 
109 S308 Descendants of Arba Oscar Mabie; Compile Date: 2 April 2004; Compiler Address:
William Herbert Mabie 
110 S527 Descendants of Cornelius J. Mabey and Elizabeth Sarah Bethia Wood; Date: 13 Oct 2022
Donald W. Lowe 
111 S265 Descendants of Cornelius Maybee; Recipient: Steve Mabie; Author E-Mail:
Leslie Lewis 
112 S385 Descendants of Emily Tiers Mabie; Compile Date: 20 Sep 2008; Compiler Address:
Meredith Ann (Kane) Tolsdorf 
113 S473 Descendants of Harriet Smith; Compile Date: 28 Mar 2011; Compiler Address:
Dorthy Dell Gonser 
114 S225 Descendants of Jean Guenon Norman B. Genung, Ã’Descendants of Jean Guenon,Ó, February 10, 2001; Compiler: Descendants of Jean Guenon; Date: February 10, 2001; Location: from Bo Pitsker; Url:
Norman B. Genung 
115 S338 Descendants of Jesse Jefferson Maybee; Recipient: Maybee Society; Date: 9 May 2006; Author E-Mail:
Matt Caley 
116 S313 Descendants of John Beckstead
Lee Allen Beckstead 
117 S309 Descendants of John Henry Mabey; Compile Date: March 5, 2005; Compiler Address:
Linda Hofmann Coltrin 
118 S141 Descendants of Patrick Fitzpatrick, Sr; Compile Date: 30 Jan 2003; Compiler Address:, 483 Brenwood Hill Road, Benwood, West Virginia
Alan H. Fitzpatrick 
119 S123 Descendants of William and Sophia Scripture Mabie; Compile Date: 13 Nov 2000; Compiler Address:
John Albert Maybee 
120 S489 Descendants of Wolphert Gerretse Van Kouwenhoven; Compiler: Descendants of Wolphert Gerretse Van Kouwenhoven; Date: July 31, 2017; Url:
David Kipp Conover 
121 S182 Descendents of John Maybee (1800-1866); Compile Date: 4 Jun 2001; Compiler Address: 185335 Juniper Street Gardner, KS 66030
Patrick Michael Sullivan 
122 S267 Diane Fyans Roos; Date: 6 Jun 2003; Location:
Diane Fyans Roos 
123 S286 Dietz Genealogy; Location:
John Dietz 
124 S168 Doc, Then and Now with a Montana Physician
R. E. Losee M.D. 
125 S324 Dutcher files; Compile Date: 31 May 2005; Compiler Address: 150 Dwarfskill Court, Milford, PA 18337
Miral A. aubner 
126 S278 Early Bovina Families & their descendants; Url:
127 S138 Early Ontario Settlers, 1796-1803; Compiler: Fitzgerald, E. Keith
128 S137 Early Ontario Settlers; A Source Book; Compiler: Crowder, Norman K
129 S364 Early Settlers of New York State, Their Ancestors and Descendants, Vol. II
Janet Wethy Foley 
130 S92 Ehle Family Records; Recipient: John MayBee; Address: Onondaga, NY; Author E-Mail:
Mack D. Duett 
131 S236 Eidam Genealogy; Recipient: John David MayBee; Date: 6 June 2002; Author E-Mail:
Katherine Eidam Osterloh 
132 S180 Elizabeth Dyke Backhouse York's Family Bible in possession of Eunice Mildred Collins. John MayBee has a copy of entries
133 S179 Elizabeth in Beaminster
Adrienne Thomas 
134 S124 Email about Marie (Mary) Secord (1736- ); Recipient: Maybee Society; Date: 19 Dec 2000; Author E-Mail:
Susan Sylke 
135 S407 email from Keith Olson, to Barbara Carter. Keith is Jim Comer's uncle; Date: June 24 2004
136 S543 Email letters from Kathy Schumer to Donald Lowe
Kathy Schumer 
137 S206 Email sent to John MayBee the MayBee Society database coordinator
138 S470 Email sent to John MayBee the MayBee Society database coordinator; Date: 27 Jan 2014; Author E-Mail:
Christopher Wright 
139 S241 Emails from Barbara Millar; Compiler Address:
Barbara Miller 
140 S362 Emails from Beaudoin Francoeur; Compiler Address:
Beaudoin Francoeur 
141 S196 Emanuel Mabey ID 15290; Recipient: John David MayBee; Date: 29 July 2001; Address: Brisbane, Australia; Author E-Mail:
John R. King 
142 S353 English and Wales Civil Registration Index 1837-198 From Degears File
143 S392 Episcopal Congregation of Malbaie 1885-1900 registers Film # M 176/28, from RootsWeb file of Gaspe Area & Tapp Family
144 S406 Everett Herald, Location: Everett, Washington
145 S521 Fall River Massachusetts Death Records
146 S177 Family and Temple Record of James McFarlane.; Series: Recorded by James McFarlane, Mary J
147 S146 Family Bible of Henry and Anna Van Cott Mabee; Family Info: Henry Mabee and Anna Van Cott; Present Owner: Mrs Elmira Maybee Bennett Van Huyck; Location: Ridgewood, New Jersey
148 S326 Family Bible records compiled by the New York State Society Daughters of the American Revolution
149 S201 Family Group Sheet of Edmund Rayfield Mabie; Compile Date: 25 Aug 2001; Compiler Address:
Lynn E, Bell 
150 S165 Family History - Belva
Belva Louise Maybee Perry 

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