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Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana



Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adamson, Elmer Ellsworth  3 Nov 1868Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I42097
2 Hunt, Carl  22 May 1891Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I10003
3 Jackson, Louise Mary  28 Sep 1919Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I7280
4 Johnson, Fern Irene  25 Dec 1917Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I38907
5 Lanum, Gregory Lynn  26 Nov 1950Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I32776
6 Mabee, Donald Leslie  28 Nov 1917Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I7276
7 Mabee, Harry Jacob  25 Jul 1893Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I26393
8 Mabee, Kathryn Elizabeth  5 Mar 1956Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I32778
9 Mabee, Katie  Abt Mar 1892Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I34387
10 Mabee, Lawrence Joseph  25 Jun 1917Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I32771
11 Mabee, Leslie Edward  30 Nov 1898Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I7277
12 Mabee, Mary Margaret  7 Apr 1952Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I32773
13 Mabee, Mary Patricia  19 Oct 1945Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I38913
14 Mabee, Opal Mae  17 Nov 1886Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I26390
15 Mabee, Ruby Elizabeth  9 Mar 1914Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I27989
16 Mabee, Ruth Frances  9 Jul 1907Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I27585
17 Maley, Ruth May  9 Jul 1912Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I28130
18 Maley, William Michael Jr  29 Dec 1908Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I28129
19 McLaughlin, Barbara Bernice  21 Jul 1937Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I9833
20 Nolan, Robert Charles  14 Apr 1904Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I38860
21 Richwine, Norman Albert  5 Nov 1912Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I38905
22 Richwine, Robert Ray  17 Dec 1918Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I38903
23 Schreiner, Robert John  15 Feb 1925Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I38863
24 Stanley, Dolores Josie  26 Oct 1919Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I33962


Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Cora Ellen  29 Sep 1893Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I40237
2 Austill, Elizabeth Killen  21 Nov 1926Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I41356
3 Boston, Lucille Elizabeth  24 Mar 1984Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I7278
4 Brothers, Mayme Isabelle  4 Aug 1983Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I32784
5 Clinehens, Stephen Ark  Nov 1966Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I26177
6 Daft, Oswald C.  26 Sep 1996Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I22227
7 Doyle, Richard Daniel  29 Jun 1998Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I19599
8 Griffin, Kathleen Alice  21 Dec 1965Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I28554
9 Hill, Mary Christiana  1 Jul 1995Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I21146
10 Hunt, Robert T  29 Sep 1893Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I10010
11 Mabee, Joseph  1 Nov 1895Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I18670
12 Mabee, Katie  4 Aug 1892Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I34387
13 Mabee, Leslie Edward  19 May 1972Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I7277
14 Mabey, Joseph  16 Sep 1930Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I23513
15 Mabie, Blanche E.  Aug 1975Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I7540
16 Maley, Gladys Cecelia  15 Jul 1976Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I28128
17 Maley, William Michael Jr  15 May 1927Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I28129
18 Maley, William Michael  6 Apr 1958Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I28126
19 Marmon, Daniel W  10 May 1909Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I39935
20 Maybee, Harold Jefferson  14 Nov 2002Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I21148
21 Mendelssohn, Theodore L  Mar 1984Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I29500
22 Morris, Vierling K  13 Jan 1889Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I39922
23 Pettit, Marietta  27 Apr 1948Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I40235
24 Reichenbach, Merlin Russell  28 Aug 1967Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I18057
25 Shank, William Waldon  22 Jan 1967Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I12882
26 Smitherman, Donald Byron  30 Oct 1977Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I33683
27 Timberlake, Arthur  12 Aug 1908Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I15687
28 Timberlake, Rebecca Mary  12 Jan 1889Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I15685
29 Weisenborn, Flora May  5 Nov 1954Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I27282
30 Williams, Huldah Ann  17 Mar 1904Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I39932


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Anecdote    Person ID 
1 Clinehens, Stephen Ark  12 Sep 1918Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I26177
2 Hunt, George William  12 Sep 1918Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I10000
3 Hunt, William Mohler  12 Sep 1918Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I9997
4 Mabee, Abraham L.  12 Sep 1918Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I26391
5 Mabee, Harry Jacob  5 Jun 1917Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I26393
6 Mabee, William Curtis  12 Sep 1918Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I2321
7 Mabey, Charles William  12 Sep 1918Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I23818
8 Richwine, Richard Norman  12 Sep 1918Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I27448
9 Schreiner, Ralph Otto  5 Jun 1917Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I29869


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Boston, Lucille Elizabeth  Jan 1920Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I7278
2 Brothers, Mayme Isabelle  25 Apr 1940Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I32784
3 Mabee, Harold Payne  12 Jan 1920Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I19843
4 Mabee, Leslie Edward  Jan 1920Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I7277
5 Mabee, William Curtis  12 Jan 1920Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I2321
6 Paine, Grace Myria  12 Jan 1920Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I2675


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Inform-Death    Person ID 
1 Mabee, Lawrence Joseph  21 Dec 1965Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I32771
2 Maley, Gladys Cecelia  6 Apr 1958Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I28128

WW2 Draft

Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    WW2 Draft    Person ID 
1 Verlie A  16 Feb 1942Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I42653
2 Boston, Lucille Elizabeth  16 Oct 1940Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I7278
3 Dunnuck, Earl  16 Oct 1940Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I27990
4 Hunt, Evelyn Alice  16 Feb 1942Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I33961
5 Johnson, Fern Irene  16 Oct 1940Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I38907
6 Mabee, Abraham L.  22 Apr 1942Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I26391
7 Mabee, Donald Leslie  16 Oct 1940Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I7276
8 Mabee, Esther Ida  22 Apr 1942Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I27584
9 Mabee, Esther Ida  27 Apr 1942Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I27584
10 Mabee, Frances Cecelia  27 Apr 1942Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I26389
11 Mabee, Harry Jacob  16 Feb 1942Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I26393
12 Mabee, Lawrence Joseph  16 Oct 1940Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I32771
13 Mabee, Leslie Edward  16 Feb 1942Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I7277
14 Maley, William Michael  27 Apr 1942Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I28126
15 Nolan, Robert Charles  16 Feb 1942Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I38860
16 Richwine, Paul Edward  16 Oct 1940Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I27449
17 Schreiner, Ralph Otto  27 Apr 1942Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I29869
18 Walker, Gerald Leon  16 Oct 1940Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I40844


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Britton / Maley  7 Aug 1948Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana F14586
2 Hill / Mabee  14 Jul 1900Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana F8242
3 Mabee / Boston  11 Dec 1917Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana F2910
4 Mabee / Griffin  29 Apr 1915Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana F8947
5 Mabee / Jackson  9 Sep 1944Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana F2911
6 Mabey / Stanley  28 Oct 1939Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana F11766
7 Richwine / Mabee  14 Sep 1911Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana F8511

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