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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ann  1793Ireland I21296
2 Jane  Mar 1840Ireland I23873
3 Mary  Abt 1847Ireland I31762
4 Nancy  Abt 1795Ireland I25824
5 Ardiel, Sarah  27 Dec 1812Ireland I4540
6 Armstrong, Mary Ann  Abt 1833Ireland I11090
7 Austin, Elizabeth  Abt 1791Ireland I35499
8 Bell, William  5 Mar 1817Ireland I2782
9 Benson, Patrick  Abt 1772Ireland I4626
10 Brennan, John William  3 Jun 1826Ireland I2561
11 Carroll, Anna  Mar 1866Ireland I28473
12 Chambers, Ellen  Nov 1866Ireland I27839
13 Clancey, Margaret  1821Ireland I31699
14 Conealy, Magaret Patricia  Sep 1866Ireland I28304
15 Conkey, John  Abt 1800Ireland I15816
16 Conlon, John  16 May 1838Ireland I25556
17 Cullen, John  Abt 1886Ireland I42589
18 Dixson, Ellen Marcella  Abt 1837Ireland I15713
19 Elliott, Mary Ann  Between 1865 and 1866Ireland I24426
20 Elliott, William  Abt 1807Ireland I41658
21 Flanagan, Peter  Abt 1810Ireland I18428
22 Fleming, William  Abt 1836Ireland I39021
23 Gilmore, Mary Ann  3 Dec 1828Ireland I22556
24 Hamilton, Andrew  16 Sep 1836Ireland I7725
25 Harris, Marguerite Eileen  10 Dec 1891Ireland I33522
26 Hood, Matilda  15 Mar 1821Ireland I10261
27 Iveral, Rachel  7 May 1829Ireland I34696
28 Jessop, Emma Louisa  Abt 1842Ireland I17971
29 Johnson, Margaret  Abt 1885Ireland I35514
30 Johnson, Robert  23 May 1818Ireland I40749
31 Joyce, Mary  Abt 1773Ireland I15324
32 Kelly, Sarah  May 1870Ireland I24474
33 Love, Margaret  Abt 1811Ireland I7337
34 Martin, Eliza Jane  20 Feb 1835Ireland I21294
35 Martin, James  1783Ireland I21295
36 McAuliff, Neil  Sep 1851Ireland I21823
37 McDonnell, John Stephen  26 Dec 1911Ireland I35164
38 McElheran, John  5 Apr 1847Ireland I41749
39 McGowan, Margaret  Abt 1810Ireland I18429
40 McKinley, Sarah  8 Apr 1867Ireland I2295
41 McLaughlin, James  20 Nov 1828Ireland I7611
42 McNair, Letitia  Jan 1835Ireland I40653
43 McNamorie, Mary  May 1864Ireland I26954
44 McStay, William  1826Ireland I27767
45 Montgomery, John  23 Nov 1845Ireland I765
46 Morgan, Thomas  1846Ireland I32227
47 Nerden, Michael  1828Ireland I11241
48 O'Brien, Anna  1841Ireland I39942
49 O'Connor, Katherine  Abt 1830Ireland I32432
50 Oates, Mary Jane  Abt 1880Ireland I39751

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID 
1 Conealy, Magaret Patricia  1886Ireland I28304

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