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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Rachel  Between 1815 and 1816New Brunswick, Canada I19479
2 Anderson, Laura  Jul 1885New Brunswick, Canada I29461
3 Ashley, John  Abt 1813New Brunswick, Canada I21518
4 Aymar, Daniel  Abt 1785New Brunswick, Canada I19436
5 Baker, Elder Samuel C.  25 Mar 1797New Brunswick, Canada I16263
6 Bishop, Aaron  30 Jun 1830New Brunswick, Canada I39304
7 Bond, Mary Jane  12 May 1859New Brunswick, Canada I41025
8 Brewer, Lorena Francis  25 Oct 1857New Brunswick, Canada I14980
9 Buck, Abby G  Abt 1835New Brunswick, Canada I29262
10 Burrell, Henry  Abt 1805New Brunswick, Canada I6312
11 Burt, Rebecca  22 Dec 1832New Brunswick, Canada I23907
12 Cameron, Emma L  2 Jun 1859New Brunswick, Canada I41010
13 Connick, Charlotte  May 1824New Brunswick, Canada I39338
14 Day, Matilda  8 May 1837New Brunswick, Canada I22247
15 Earle, George Nelson  3 Mar 1817New Brunswick, Canada I1414
16 Earle, William Hallet  7 Sep 1831New Brunswick, Canada I1417
17 Elliott, Helen Irene  10 Feb 1919New Brunswick, Canada I23199
18 Erb, Lucretia Eliza  27 Mar 1861New Brunswick, Canada I41024
19 Fairbanks, Ruel William  4 Mar 1863New Brunswick, Canada I12419
20 Fleet, Lulu  3 Oct 1898New Brunswick, Canada I30203
21 French, Anna  Abt 1868New Brunswick, Canada I1438
22 French, Benjamin Bonnell  1 Jul 1839New Brunswick, Canada I1437
23 Fulcher, George  2 May 1839New Brunswick, Canada I16009
24 Ganong, Diana  16 Jun 1838New Brunswick, Canada I19542
25 Getchell, Ebenezer  1806New Brunswick, Canada I12247
26 Gunter, Abraham  Abt 1806New Brunswick, Canada I795
27 Gunter, Elizabeth  Abt 1801New Brunswick, Canada I889
28 Gunter, Samuel  4 Jul 1810New Brunswick, Canada I778
29 Gunter, William  31 Mar 1808New Brunswick, Canada I860
30 Haines, Edith Rebecca  17 Mar 1869New Brunswick, Canada I19548
31 Harris, Annie E  25 Oct 1883New Brunswick, Canada I1454
32 Hughes, George R  Abt 1861New Brunswick, Canada I41012
33 Hughes, Henry G  Sep 1847New Brunswick, Canada I40999
34 Humphrey, Alice  Abt 1847New Brunswick, Canada I41017
35 Humphrey, Elmira  Abt 1849New Brunswick, Canada I41018
36 Humphrey, Mary  1816New Brunswick, Canada I1411
37 Humphrey, Rhoda  1826New Brunswick, Canada I1410
38 Humphrey, William  Abt 1845New Brunswick, Canada I41016
39 Jones, James  17 Oct 1825New Brunswick, Canada I23906
40 Kierstead, Margaret  1 Aug 1834New Brunswick, Canada I2238
41 Lamb, Frank A  30 Oct 1879New Brunswick, Canada I23241
42 Laskey, Matilda Jane  3 May 1857New Brunswick, Canada I23307
43 Laskey, William E  1869New Brunswick, Canada I23331
44 Lawson, Margaret E.  14 Dec 1830New Brunswick, Canada I19519
45 Love, William  11 Jan 1862New Brunswick, Canada I32469
46 Lyon, Harriet Elizabeth  9 Feb 1853New Brunswick, Canada I40988
47 Mabee, Abraham  9 Dec 1822New Brunswick, Canada I2235
48 Mabee, Abraham D.  8 Mar 1875New Brunswick, Canada I19529
49 Mabee, Abraham M.  Abt 1827New Brunswick, Canada I26711
50 Mabee, Albert  1854New Brunswick, Canada I19511

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Ruth Leona Barbara  1992New Brunswick, Canada I40888
2 Braun, Mary  1810New Brunswick, Canada I979
3 Cameron, Emma L  13 Oct 1893New Brunswick, Canada I41010
4 Chedeayne, John  Jul 1817New Brunswick, Canada I15834
5 Earle, George Nelson  19 Jun 1905New Brunswick, Canada I1414
6 Humphrey, Abel  26 Mar 1856New Brunswick, Canada I1416
7 Lamb, Albert Howard  1972New Brunswick, Canada I10962
8 Laskey, Albert Edward  23 Aug 1981New Brunswick, Canada I29087
9 Mabee, Maria Ann  12 Aug 1889New Brunswick, Canada I1401
10 Mabee, Simon  Abt 1785New Brunswick, Canada I434
11 Mabie, Harry Humbert  7 Oct 1967New Brunswick, Canada I19411
12 Milliken, Rebecca Moore  1899New Brunswick, Canada I12827
13 Milliken, Whittier Davidson  10 Mar 1893New Brunswick, Canada I12828
14 White, Marguerite Mary  1972New Brunswick, Canada I40887


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Mabee, Leah  1783New Brunswick, Canada I517
2 Mabee, Margaret  1783New Brunswick, Canada I516
3 Mabee, Silas  1783New Brunswick, Canada I515
4 Mabee, Simon  1783New Brunswick, Canada I434


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Obituary    Person ID 
1 Maybie, Frank Trevelyn  1943New Brunswick, Canada I10061


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Mabee, Captain Arnold Travis  Between 1897 and 1916New Brunswick, Canada I12415
2 Mabee, Jacob Gillis  Between 1894 and 1897New Brunswick, Canada I19475


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Mabee, Abraham  10 Sep 1828New Brunswick, Canada I2230


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Witness-Obituary    Person ID 
1 Mabee, Blanche  1943New Brunswick, Canada I10062
2 Mabee, Randolph Frederick  1943New Brunswick, Canada I10038
3 Mabee, Vera H.  1943New Brunswick, Canada I10063
4 Robertson, Maggie Hazelton  1943New Brunswick, Canada I23261


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Witness-Probate    Person ID 
1 Rowans, Frances  10 Sep 1828New Brunswick, Canada I2232


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Hughes / Earle  5 Dec 1870New Brunswick, Canada F15505
2 Johnson / Montross  1785New Brunswick, Canada F9661
3 Mabee / Cook  28 Jan 1864New Brunswick, Canada F5137
4 Mabee / Lawson  11 Oct 1856New Brunswick, Canada F5142
5 Moore / Moore  23 Jun 1847New Brunswick, Canada F14841
6 Pickett / Moffett  15 Sep 1876New Brunswick, Canada F15513

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