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Rockland County, New York



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bell, Maria  10 Nov 1778Rockland County, New York I4215
2 Blauvelt, Ellen Jane  20 Jan 1838Rockland County, New York I16126
3 Blauvelt, Jacobus  5 Oct 1777Rockland County, New York I4092
4 Blauvelt, Margaret Ann  8 May 1844Rockland County, New York I16130
5 Bogert, Grietye  26 Mar 1786Rockland County, New York I4159
6 Clark, Margaret  15 Oct 1818Rockland County, New York I17664
7 Clark, Sarah Ann  Sep 1828Rockland County, New York I37690
8 Coe, Hannah  May 1860Rockland County, New York I12862
9 Conklin, Abram G  Abt 1824Rockland County, New York I37689
10 Conklin, LeRoy Godfrey  31 Jul 1903Rockland County, New York I27211
11 Crouter, Maria  18 May 1793Rockland County, New York I6181
12 DeRonde, Phebe Louise  Feb 1846Rockland County, New York I37836
13 Earle, Maria  Abt 1843Rockland County, New York I37790
14 Earle, Phillip  Apr 1842Rockland County, New York I37791
15 Eckerson, Christian D  9 Sep 1815Rockland County, New York I18648
16 Edwards, Margaret  Abt 1795Rockland County, New York I4368
17 Flierboom, Maria  28 Apr 1741Rockland County, New York I27205
18 Garrabrant, David  21 Jan 1830Rockland County, New York I15523
19 Hogenkamp, Jannetye  8 Oct 1716Rockland County, New York I744
20 Johnson, Charles Humphrey  20 Dec 1858Rockland County, New York I4482
21 Johnson, Ellen Jane  27 Sep 1845Rockland County, New York I4447
22 Johnson, Evelyn Demaray  22 Apr 1856Rockland County, New York I4471
23 Johnson, John Henry  15 Feb 1854Rockland County, New York I4467
24 Johnson, John V. B.  18 Feb 1818Rockland County, New York I4436
25 Johnson, Margaret Ann  15 Oct 1837Rockland County, New York I4437
26 Johnson, Mary Catherine  21 Feb 1842Rockland County, New York I4444
27 Johnson, Peter Mabie  30 Jul 1840Rockland County, New York I4440
28 Kitchell, Isaac Mabie  11 Oct 1834Rockland County, New York I30360
29 Lydecker, Edwin  3 Sep 1842Rockland County, New York I21967
30 Mabie, Anatje  13 Jun 1781Rockland County, New York I3145
31 Mabie, Cornelius  4 Sep 1802Rockland County, New York I4267
32 Mabie, Cornelius P  3 Feb 1815Rockland County, New York I4269
33 Mabie, David A.  Abt 1812Rockland County, New York I22249
34 Mabie, David A.  Dec 1842Rockland County, New York I22252
35 Mabie, David Leonard  28 Mar 1851Rockland County, New York I4456
36 Mabie, Eliza Jane  17 Apr 1853Rockland County, New York I4464
37 Mabie, George E.  Jul 1867Rockland County, New York I7533
38 Mabie, Jane  5 Jan 1818Rockland County, New York I4369
39 Mabie, Jeremiah D.  7 Apr 1840Rockland County, New York I22251
40 Mabie, John J.  6 Jul 1784Rockland County, New York I4147
41 Mabie, Maria  26 Mar 1809Rockland County, New York I16096
42 Mabie, Peter W.  Abt 1849Rockland County, New York I4454
43 Mabie, William A.  28 Feb 1811Rockland County, New York I4310
44 Mann, David D Jr  Oct 1842Rockland County, New York I22060
45 Post, Peter J.  30 Jul 1810Rockland County, New York I16093
46 Radcliff, Christopher J  Abt 1856Rockland County, New York I22779
47 Radcliff, William  Abt 1852Rockland County, New York I37695
48 Sarvant, Abraham  28 Jan 1778Rockland County, New York I4241
49 Stagg, Abraham A  8 Nov 1810Rockland County, New York I17661
50 Stagg, John  Jul 1839Rockland County, New York I17663

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Bell, Maria  6 Feb 1853Rockland County, New York I4215
2 Blanch, Cornelia  1 May 1886Rockland County, New York I2724
3 Blanch, Isaac  11 May 1834Rockland County, New York I2749
4 Blauvelt, Jacobus  19 May 1751Rockland County, New York I27120
5 Bogert, Grietye  4 Jan 1883Rockland County, New York I4159
6 Bogert, John G  2 Apr 1850Rockland County, New York I4122
7 Bogert, Maria  5 Feb 1863Rockland County, New York I4173
8 Eckerson, Christian D  17 Jul 1899Rockland County, New York I18648
9 Graham, Agnes  12 Feb 1852Rockland County, New York I37838
10 Lydecker, Edwin  5 Jun 1930Rockland County, New York I21967
11 Mabie, Catharina  18 Dec 1836Rockland County, New York I3987
12 Mabie, Cathlyntie  3 Dec 1846Rockland County, New York I3972
13 Mabie, David Leonard  7 Oct 1930Rockland County, New York I4456
14 Mabie, Elizabeth  5 Feb 1826Rockland County, New York I462
15 Mabie, John J.  1 Apr 1834Rockland County, New York I1149
16 Mabie, Maria  30 Jan 1855Rockland County, New York I3150
17 Mabie, Peter C.  13 Jul 1829Rockland County, New York I2226
18 Mabie, Sarah  25 Nov 1863Rockland County, New York I4158
19 Mabie, Sarah  25 Mar 1883Rockland County, New York I4312
20 Martine, Daniel  9 Nov 1807Rockland County, New York I3975
21 Mebie, Johannis  21 Aug 1809Rockland County, New York I4175
22 Ryker, Deborah  11 Dec 1796Rockland County, New York I27969
23 Stagg, Mary  23 Mar 1858Rockland County, New York I17662
24 Van Houten, Abram G  18 Dec 1880Rockland County, New York I10424


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Anecdote    Person ID 
1 Conklin, Louis  12 Sep 1918Rockland County, New York I27212
2 Mabie, William Cornelius  5 Jun 1917Rockland County, New York I11744


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Bell, Hendrick C.  9 Apr 1814Rockland County, New York I27235
2 Felter, Isaac Stephen  17 Sep 1866Rockland County, New York I37384
3 Mabie, Casparus  28 Sep 1833Rockland County, New York I3153
4 Mabie, John J.  5 May 1873Rockland County, New York I4147
5 Mabie, Peter C  6 Feb 1864Rockland County, New York I4096
6 Martling, Caroline  3 Feb 1885Rockland County, New York I21792
7 Van Houten, Abram G  26 Jan 1881Rockland County, New York I10424
8 Van Houten, Sarah Jane  23 Oct 1900Rockland County, New York I16151


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Mabey, Jane  2 Oct 1857Rockland County, New York I4373
2 Mabie, Isaac  2 Oct 1857Rockland County, New York I4193
3 Mabie, Jane  2 Oct 1857Rockland County, New York I4164
4 Mabie, John I.  2 Oct 1857Rockland County, New York I16001
5 Mabie, Letitia  2 Oct 1857Rockland County, New York I18645
6 Mabie, Sarah  2 Oct 1857Rockland County, New York I4312
7 Maybee, Sally  2 Oct 1857Rockland County, New York I18647


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Witness-Probate    Person ID 
1 Blanch, Richard  6 Feb 1864Rockland County, New York I4314
2 Blauvelt, Gilbert D.  5 May 1873Rockland County, New York I16097
3 Felter, Alfretta  17 Sep 1866Rockland County, New York I37388
4 Felter, Crittenden  17 Sep 1866Rockland County, New York I37387
5 Felter, Hannah Ida  17 Sep 1866Rockland County, New York I37389
6 Felter, Isaac Wayne  17 Sep 1866Rockland County, New York I37390
7 Mabie, Ann  6 Feb 1864Rockland County, New York I4085
8 Mabie, Cornelius P  6 Feb 1864Rockland County, New York I4489
9 Mabie, Frederick  6 Feb 1864Rockland County, New York I4137
10 Mabie, John C.  6 Feb 1864Rockland County, New York I4187
11 Mabie, Maria  5 May 1873Rockland County, New York I16096
12 Mabie, Sarah Elizabeth  17 Sep 1866Rockland County, New York I37382


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Blauvelt / Flierboom  13 Jun 1761Rockland County, New York F8421

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