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Schenectady County, New York



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Angelina  Abt 1858Schenectady County, New York I21808
2 Mary  Abt 1822Schenectady County, New York I19698
3 Brooks, Agnes  29 May 1840Schenectady County, New York I5859
4 Brooks, Jane Anna  28 Sep 1838Schenectady County, New York I5858
5 Brooks, Jonathan  Abt 1853Schenectady County, New York I9019
6 Brooks, Maria  7 Oct 1836Schenectady County, New York I5854
7 Brooks, Nicholas  11 Jul 1816Schenectady County, New York I5849
8 Ceawford, Weltha  Abt 1846Schenectady County, New York I37347
9 Chrisiance, Esther  30 Jun 1828Schenectady County, New York I15854
10 Clement, Saartje Pieterse  Jul 1724Schenectady County, New York I19742
11 Clute, Sarah Ann  1847Schenectady County, New York I10448
12 Cole, Eleanor  Abt Nov 1864Schenectady County, New York I37521
13 Cole, James  Abt 1861Schenectady County, New York I37520
14 Cole, Nicholas  Abt 1860Schenectady County, New York I19297
15 Deforest, Andrew  Abt 1839Schenectady County, New York I9574
16 Deforest, John  Abt Jan 1863Schenectady County, New York I37530
17 Deforest, William  Abt Feb 1865Schenectady County, New York I37531
18 Fairly, Maria  Abt 1751Schenectady County, New York I9722
19 Grant, James  23 Apr 1812Schenectady County, New York I19709
20 Grant, John T.  6 Nov 1809Schenectady County, New York I19744
21 Grant, Maria  23 Sep 1807Schenectady County, New York I19682
22 Gray, Mary  Abt 1819Schenectady County, New York I10249
23 Groot, Rebecca Symon Simonse  Jul 1692Schenectady County, New York I19782
24 Johnson, Louise  Mar 1846Schenectady County, New York I37507
25 Kelly, Robert Miles  Oct 1870Schenectady County, New York I19811
26 Mabee, Consuelo  29 Jul 1909Schenectady County, New York I27728
27 Mabee, Gertrude Elizabeth  13 Jun 1868Schenectady County, New York I19294
28 Mabee, Margaret  14 Apr 1815Schenectady County, New York I5712
29 Mabee, Virginia  6 Oct 1911Schenectady County, New York I28509
30 Mabie, Wayne F.  9 Aug 1952Schenectady County, New York I13523
31 MacDougall, Dr. Ralph Alexander  Mar 1854Schenectady County, New York I19805
32 Marx, John H  13 Feb 1865Schenectady County, New York I37518
33 Negus, Everett Charles Jr  15 Jul 1923Schenectady County, New York I29348
34 Negus, Winifred  Abt Dec 1924Schenectady County, New York I29350
35 Peek, Christopher Yates  29 Jul 1786Schenectady County, New York I5282
36 Peek, Jacques Jacobus  Apr 1721Schenectady County, New York I19679
37 Peek, Margarita  15 Jan 1743/44Schenectady County, New York I9712
38 Reynolds, Almeda  1 Jul 1858Schenectady County, New York I5860
39 Schermerhorn, Amanda  Dec 1850Schenectady County, New York I37500
40 Schermerhorn, Johannes Reyers  4 Oct 1685Schenectady County, New York I19768
41 Schermerhorn, Rebecca  9 Feb 1759Schenectady County, New York I9042
42 Stevens, Catherine Elisabeth  Abt 1836Schenectady County, New York I17902
43 Swart, Adam Antonisze  Jul 1718Schenectady County, New York I19799
44 Swart, Agnes  15 Nov 1813Schenectady County, New York I5278
45 Swart, Albert F  Abt 1841Schenectady County, New York I37268
46 Swart, boy  19 Mar 1819Schenectady County, New York I5280
47 Swart, Catherine  Abt 1835Schenectady County, New York I37269
48 Swart, Nancy  27 Jan 1822Schenectady County, New York I5281
49 Swart, Neeltje Teunise Cornelise  Abt 1650Schenectady County, New York I19819
50 Swart, Nicholas A  Abt 1825Schenectady County, New York I37267

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christening    Person ID 
1 Mabee, Jacob  5 May 1700Schenectady County, New York I4885


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Berry, Reuben  Abt 1898Schenectady County, New York I5853
2 Borsboom, Pieter Jacobse  1 Mar 1686/87Schenectady County, New York I4908
3 Bradt, Abram N  4 Nov 1878Schenectady County, New York I5638
4 Bradt, Ephraim Samuel Arentse  Aft 1787Schenectady County, New York I19702
5 Daggert, Elizabeth  16 Apr 1881Schenectady County, New York I5820
6 Fairly, John  Abt 1816Schenectady County, New York I6386
7 Fonda, Abraham  13 Feb 1805Schenectady County, New York I4887
8 Jennings, Sidney Wilson  12 Feb 1995Schenectady County, New York I37405
9 Knoll, Ruth Hulda  30 Aug 2017Schenectady County, New York I20495
10 Mabee, Edmund Brainard  11 Aug 1971Schenectady County, New York I27725
11 Mabee, Stephen Earl  1920Schenectady County, New York I7406
12 Mabie, Ellen Jane  1 Jan 1916Schenectady County, New York I5817
13 Mabie, Maria  12 Dec 1735Schenectady County, New York I4882
14 Negus, Winifred  6 Dec 1932Schenectady County, New York I29350
15 Palmatier, Isaac  Feb 1832Schenectady County, New York I7385
16 Peek, Margarita  18 Nov 1823Schenectady County, New York I9712
17 Pfau, George W  23 Jan 1948Schenectady County, New York I37485
18 Putman, Catherine Bogart  24 Aug 1948Schenectady County, New York I10707
19 Reynolds, Herman Ellsworth  31 May 1952Schenectady County, New York I26906
20 Schermerhorn, Johannes Reyers  1752Schenectady County, New York I19768
21 Toll, Elisabeth  1793Schenectady County, New York I9720
22 Van Antwerpen, Jan Danielse  26 Jan 1756Schenectady County, New York I19759
23 Van Dyck, Cornelius  31 Aug 1832Schenectady County, New York I5577
24 Van Patten, Nicolaas Nicolaase  1790Schenectady County, New York I19741
25 Van Petten, Arent Claase  Bef 1750Schenectady County, New York I19776
26 Van Petten, Aswerus Wendel  18 Aug 1837Schenectady County, New York I9570
27 Van Petten, Eva Nicolaase  Schenectady County, New York I19786
28 Van Petten, Frederic  1850Schenectady County, New York I8980
29 Van Petten, Frederick Nicolaase  20 Jun 1771Schenectady County, New York I19780
30 Van Petten, Simon Nicholas  27 Jan 1790Schenectady County, New York I5276
31 Vedder, Agnietje  27 Apr 1785Schenectady County, New York I5447
32 Veeder, Johannes Pieter Vrooman  29 Jul 1849Schenectady County, New York I19717
33 Vroman, Adam Hendriks  30 Jul 1759Schenectady County, New York I5031
34 Vrooman, Cornelis  Jan 1732/33Schenectady County, New York I5483
35 Walton, Alonzo Paige  6 Jul 1947Schenectady County, New York I23350
36 Weast, Sarah Jane  14 Jan 1906Schenectady County, New York I37489
37 Wescott, Samuel  5 Jun 1906Schenectady County, New York I34564
38 Whitford, Almeda  17 Jul 1940Schenectady County, New York I23109
39 Whitford, Mary A.  10 Apr 1946Schenectady County, New York I23106


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Anecdote    Person ID 
1 Haines, Claude Abram  12 Sep 1918Schenectady County, New York I17216
2 Mabee, Delbert Hudson  12 Sep 1918Schenectady County, New York I7397
3 Mabee, Edmund Brainard  5 Jun 1917Schenectady County, New York I27725
4 Mabee, Henry Baker  12 Sep 1918Schenectady County, New York I7416
5 Mabee, Louis Vrooman  12 Sep 1918Schenectady County, New York I7398
6 Palmatier, Isaac  17 Jun 1840Schenectady County, New York I7385
7 Palmatier, Lena  17 Jun 1840Schenectady County, New York I5090
8 Reynolds, David Leon  24 Aug 1918Schenectady County, New York I26908
9 Van de Bogart, Nelly  17 Jun 1840Schenectady County, New York I7468


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Land    Person ID 
1 Bradford, John  6 Aug 1820Schenectady County, New York I9053
2 Mabee, Major Jacob Cornelius  11 Apr 1816Schenectady County, New York I5082
3 Mabee, Major Jacob Cornelius  6 Aug 1820Schenectady County, New York I5082
4 Mabie, Arent  13 Feb 1798Schenectady County, New York I4963
5 Mabie, Catherine  11 Apr 1816Schenectady County, New York I5080
6 Mabie, Esther  11 Apr 1816Schenectady County, New York I5087
7 Mabie, Gazina  11 Apr 1816Schenectady County, New York I5088
8 Mabie, Margaret  11 Apr 1816Schenectady County, New York I5084
9 Mabie, Nancy  11 Apr 1816Schenectady County, New York I5086
10 Schermerhorn, Reyer  5 Jun 1714Schenectady County, New York I13063
11 Van Antwerpen, Jan Danielse  21 Jul 1732Schenectady County, New York I19759
12 Van Petten, Rebecca  6 Aug 1820Schenectady County, New York I9052


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Berry, Reuben  26 Sep 1898Schenectady County, New York I5853
2 Mabee, Angelica Peek  15 Nov 1886Schenectady County, New York I9018
3 Mabie, George Clinton  18 Aug 1852Schenectady County, New York I5687
4 Niles, Simon  8 Mar 1877Schenectady County, New York I5871
5 Rynex, Theodore  12 May 1892Schenectady County, New York I11467
6 Schermerhorn, Nancy  19 Feb 1875Schenectady County, New York I5750
7 Van Petten, Aswerus Wendel  22 Sep 1837Schenectady County, New York I9570
8 Van Slyck, Harmon  25 Mar 1892Schenectady County, New York I37495


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Witness-Probate    Person ID 
1 Anna  8 Mar 1877Schenectady County, New York I37345
2 Mabee, Aaron R.  19 Feb 1875Schenectady County, New York I5882
3 Mabee, Helen Marie  19 Feb 1875Schenectady County, New York I5787
4 Mabee, Jerome B.  19 Feb 1875Schenectady County, New York I5884
5 Mabee, Mary Jane  19 Feb 1875Schenectady County, New York I5885
6 Mabee, Nicholas  19 Feb 1875Schenectady County, New York I5883
7 Mabie, Clara Ann  19 Feb 1875Schenectady County, New York I5766
8 Rynex, Nicholas M  12 May 1892Schenectady County, New York I37532
9 Swart, Sarah Ann  18 Aug 1852Schenectady County, New York I5842


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Curtis / LeDuc  25 Jun 1908Schenectady County, New York F15394
2 Dawson / Larrabee  22 Jan 1908Schenectady County, New York F1954
3 Geores / Turnbull  2 Oct 1920Schenectady County, New York F2699
4 Mabee / Kirpens  7 Sep 1880Schenectady County, New York F9010
5 Pfau / Whitford  28 Jul 1889Schenectady County, New York F13564
6 Shannon / Mabee  18 Dec 1845Schenectady County, New York F9006
7 Van Petten / Fairly  Abt 1783Schenectady County, New York F5589
8 Van Petten / Viele  Abt 1774Schenectady County, New York F5590

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