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Schoharie County, New York



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Hannah E  Aug 1850Schoharie County, New York I40155
2 Brewster, Philetus  Nov 1851Schoharie County, New York I40151
3 Chrysler, Bathasar  16 Sep 1734Schoharie County, New York I14521
4 Cook, Jay C  Mar 1862Schoharie County, New York I40183
5 Eckerson, Annatje  20 Oct 1787Schoharie County, New York I18700
6 Fredenburg, David  Jul 1840Schoharie County, New York I31534
7 Fredenburg, Hiram  9 Jan 1822Schoharie County, New York I31529
8 Fredenburg, Isaac  Abt 1838Schoharie County, New York I31533
9 Fredenburg, John C.  Jul 1834Schoharie County, New York I31530
10 Fredenburg, Martha  Abt 1827Schoharie County, New York I31531
11 Fredenburg, Sarah M  10 May 1830Schoharie County, New York I31532
12 Fredenburg, Thurza  20 Feb 1824Schoharie County, New York I40208
13 Freymeyer, Conrad  1719Schoharie County, New York I4713
14 Haines, Jennie E.  21 Dec 1854Schoharie County, New York I16567
15 Harris, George W  16 Sep 1871Schoharie County, New York I40121
16 Harris, Wellington  Abt 1835Schoharie County, New York I40119
17 Humphrey, Lavilla R.  31 Jan 1840Schoharie County, New York I26318
18 Layman, Mary A.  Abt 1837Schoharie County, New York I28683
19 Mabee, Marietta  Abt 1848Schoharie County, New York I20572
20 Mabee, Martha J.  4 May 1837Schoharie County, New York I11140
21 Mabee, Mary  30 Aug 1831Schoharie County, New York I11125
22 Mabee, Sally M.  Abt 1835Schoharie County, New York I11146
23 Mabey, Monroe C.  1868Schoharie County, New York I11157
24 Mabey, Nelson Russell  22 Oct 1856Schoharie County, New York I20576
25 Mabey, Stephen A.  11 Jun 1859Schoharie County, New York I20577
26 Mabie, Cyrus  6 May 1835Schoharie County, New York I13080
27 Mabie, Edward  2 May 1844Schoharie County, New York I13085
28 Mabie, Emma  2 May 1844Schoharie County, New York I13086
29 Mabie, John Peter  24 Apr 1833Schoharie County, New York I13079
30 Mabie, Margaret  12 Nov 1828Schoharie County, New York I13077
31 Mabie, Mary Catherine  23 Mar 1836Schoharie County, New York I13081
32 Mabie, Washington  16 Apr 1842Schoharie County, New York I13084
33 Mabye, Isaac  Abt 1833Schoharie County, New York I11122
34 Matheus, Friederich  7 Sep 1719Schoharie County, New York I5228
35 Mattice, Elisabetha  7 Nov 1737Schoharie County, New York I5230
36 Mattice, Henrich  4 Jun 1729Schoharie County, New York I5223
37 Mattice, Maria Catherine  Abt 1735Schoharie County, New York I5222
38 Maybee, Fanny  Abt 1799Schoharie County, New York I31527
39 Maybie, Charles Ashley  Feb 1868Schoharie County, New York I28684
40 Maybie, Ivalene  13 Sep 1903Schoharie County, New York I27731
41 Maybie, Lavilla  27 Apr 1908Schoharie County, New York I27733
42 Miller, Caroline  4 Sep 1818Schoharie County, New York I4743
43 Miller, David  10 Dec 1810Schoharie County, New York I5199
44 Miller, Jacob Henry  16 Jul 1812Schoharie County, New York I5200
45 Pollock, John  3 Nov 1785Schoharie County, New York I6324
46 Sullivan, Mary Elizabeth  3 Aug 1834Schoharie County, New York I13088
47 Totten, Esther  Abt 1828Schoharie County, New York I27708
48 Van Dyke, Rebecca  Abt 1807Schoharie County, New York I37640
49 VanVoris, Sarah Maria  23 Aug 1851Schoharie County, New York I20578
50 Warrick, Nancy  Jan 1838Schoharie County, New York I21472

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Becker, Storm  Bef 1773Schoharie County, New York I18707
2 Cook, Celinda  Abt 1879Schoharie County, New York I11156
3 Eckerson, Thomas  Bef 1790Schoharie County, New York I10418
4 Mabie, Cyrus  6 May 1835Schoharie County, New York I13080
5 Uzille, Pieter  Abt 1747Schoharie County, New York I18710
6 VanVoris, Sarah Maria  11 Mar 1870Schoharie County, New York I20578


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Anecdote    Person ID 
1 Bailey, Howard Rexford  12 Sep 1918Schoharie County, New York I32696
2 Champlin, Alice  12 Sep 1918Schoharie County, New York I26909
3 Mabey, Charles Everett  12 Sep 1918Schoharie County, New York I20585
4 Mabey, Fred Champlain  12 Sep 1918Schoharie County, New York I26910
5 Mabie, Clarence Henry  5 Jun 1918Schoharie County, New York I13693
6 Strobeck, Morris  12 Sep 1918Schoharie County, New York I13908

Military Service

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Service    Person ID 
1 Jones, Amos  Between 1776 and 1783Schoharie County, New York I5629


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Eckerson, John  18 Feb 1815Schoharie County, New York I18701


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Eckerson, Thomas  25 Jun 1783Schoharie County, New York I10418

WW2 Draft

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    WW2 Draft    Person ID 
1 Ferris, Minnie E  26 Apr 1942Schoharie County, New York I29218
2 Foote, Clyde Leland  27 Apr 1942Schoharie County, New York I40140
3 Tryon, Charles John  26 Apr 1942Schoharie County, New York I40147
4 Van Hoesen, Hattie  27 Apr 1942Schoharie County, New York I28055


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Best / Eckerson  Between 1805 and 1806Schoharie County, New York F5085
2 Braun / Freymeyer  Abt 1730Schoharie County, New York F1251
3 Chrysler / Baxter  12 Feb 1767Schoharie County, New York F10614
4 Maybie / Brown  27 Jun 1948Schoharie County, New York F14488

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