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Westchester County, New York



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Acker, John  24 Jan 1812Westchester County, New York I33367
2 Appleby, Phebe  23 Feb 1788Westchester County, New York I17802
3 Frost, Hannah Matilda  22 Jan 1818Westchester County, New York I39904
4 Frost, John Hicks  16 Dec 1822Westchester County, New York I39905
5 Frost, Sarah Ann  Abt 1824Westchester County, New York I39903
6 Hyatt, Aaron M  Sep 1829Westchester County, New York I39864
7 Hyatt, Elijah Clarence  Oct 1835Westchester County, New York I33373
8 Mabee, Aaron  27 May 1772Westchester County, New York I22230
9 Mabee, Abjah S.  25 Dec 1813Westchester County, New York I15026
10 Mabee, Ann  25 May 1772Westchester County, New York I1327
11 Mabee, Ann Eliza  31 Dec 1818Westchester County, New York I4420
12 Mabee, Catherine  Abt 1775Westchester County, New York I1316
13 Mabee, Deliverance  Abt 1751Westchester County, New York I4075
14 Mabee, Emeline  6 Nov 1807Westchester County, New York I32458
15 Mabee, Eunice Jane  1 Aug 1810Westchester County, New York I33368
16 Mabee, Fanny  Abt 1760Westchester County, New York I4339
17 Mabee, Gilbert  Bef 1772Westchester County, New York I1317
18 Mabee, Hannah  8 Apr 1802Westchester County, New York I33371
19 Mabee, Henry  Abt 1755Westchester County, New York I505
20 Mabee, Herbert Tomlinson  20 Jul 1878Westchester County, New York I11944
21 Mabee, Jacob  26 Oct 1754Westchester County, New York I3970
22 Mabee, John  Abt 1760Westchester County, New York I4338
23 Mabee, John  Abt 1765Westchester County, New York I4349
24 Mabee, John  19 Oct 1765Westchester County, New York I17120
25 Mabee, Joseph  Bef 1764Westchester County, New York I4336
26 Mabee, Phebe  3 Nov 1804Westchester County, New York I33366
27 Mabie, Abigail  18 Apr 1818Westchester County, New York I15065
28 Mabie, Catherine F.  2 Jun 1809Westchester County, New York I15052
29 Mabie, Deborah  29 Oct 1804Westchester County, New York I15050
30 Mabie, Elias Hicks  1 Jun 1807Westchester County, New York I15051
31 Mabie, Eliza  1 Feb 1802Westchester County, New York I15048
32 Mabie, Elizabeth Alice  Abt 1833Westchester County, New York I21793
33 Mabie, Hannah H.  29 Oct 1815Westchester County, New York I15056
34 Mabie, Isaac Martling  Abt 1834Westchester County, New York I23145
35 Mabie, Isabel  18 Apr 1816Westchester County, New York I15064
36 Mabie, James  30 Jun 1825Westchester County, New York I15068
37 Mabie, Jane Ann  27 Jan 1808Westchester County, New York I15061
38 Mabie, Maria  24 Feb 1810Westchester County, New York I15062
39 Mabie, Sarah  26 Aug 1798Westchester County, New York I15046
40 Mabie, Susan  24 Jul 1814Westchester County, New York I23000
41 Maybee, Stephen  Abt 1756Westchester County, New York I4337
42 Maybee, William  Abt 1791Westchester County, New York I22268
43 Mebee, Sarah  1768Westchester County, New York I4340
44 Miller, Ann  1 Oct 1812Westchester County, New York I19383
45 Miller, Edward  4 Aug 1805Westchester County, New York I19376
46 Miller, Fanny  22 Oct 1790Westchester County, New York I19338
47 Miller, Gilbert  2 Jul 1814Westchester County, New York I19384
48 Miller, Hannah  16 Oct 1808Westchester County, New York I19382
49 Miller, Leonard  7 Nov 1810Westchester County, New York I19302
50 Miller, Loretta  22 Feb 1822Westchester County, New York I19386

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Day, Henrietta Goddard  2 Feb 1960Westchester County, New York I38395
2 Fisher, Jennie  29 May 1934Westchester County, New York I10137
3 Landrin, Marie  Bef 1750Westchester County, New York I519
4 Leonard, John Tiers  11 Sep 1877Westchester County, New York I22518
5 Mabee, Abjah S.  16 Apr 1828Westchester County, New York I15026
6 Mabee, Isaac  27 May 1814Westchester County, New York I4333
7 Mabee, James  22 Apr 1819Westchester County, New York I4334
8 Mabee, Nettie Gosman  16 Jan 1872Westchester County, New York I11939
9 Mabie, John  5 Jun 1914Westchester County, New York I8325
10 Mabie, John William  11 Jun 1878Westchester County, New York I2683
11 Thorne, Sarah Jane  20 Mar 1893Westchester County, New York I39865


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Anecdote    Person ID 
1 Day, Henrietta Goddard  12 Sep 1918Westchester County, New York I38395
2 Hard, Benjamin Gilbert  12 Sep 1918Westchester County, New York I38401
3 Mabee, Fred Alonzo  12 Sep 1918Westchester County, New York I10138
4 Martin, Earl  5 Jun 1917Westchester County, New York I10912
5 Walker, George Garland  12 Sep 1918Westchester County, New York I37700


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Mabee, Sally  1810Westchester County, New York I4343
2 Merritt, Aimy  1810Westchester County, New York I4344


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Memo    Person ID 
1 Mabee, Alexander Nexson  Sep 1834Westchester County, New York I10497

Military Service

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Service    Person ID 
1 Huestis, Thomas  Westchester County, New York I3203


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Gosman, Jenett D  20 Sep 1890Westchester County, New York I17677
2 Kline, Hortense  27 Nov 1950Westchester County, New York I26881
3 Knox, Sarah Louisa  28 Apr 1900Westchester County, New York I21973
4 Mabee, Joseph  27 Jan 1817Westchester County, New York I4336
5 Mabee, Nelson  14 Apr 1886Westchester County, New York I21972
6 Mabee, Thomas B.  13 Mar 1871Westchester County, New York I4407
7 Mabie, Jane  2 Jun 1883Westchester County, New York I2689
8 Mabie, Levi Jeremiah  28 Mar 1883Westchester County, New York I654
9 Mabie, Mary  3 Sep 1887Westchester County, New York I2685
10 Mabie, Sarah Cromwell  25 Oct 1893Westchester County, New York I2682
11 Syffer, Peter  8 May 1787Westchester County, New York I3990
12 Thorne, Sarah Jane  17 Apr 1893Westchester County, New York I39865


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Witness-Death    Person ID 
1 Mabee, Simon  Bef 1750Westchester County, New York I434


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Witness-Probate    Person ID 
1 Colwell, Sarah  28 Mar 1883Westchester County, New York I3487
2 Gosman, Jenett D  13 Mar 1871Westchester County, New York I17677
3 Hyatt, Elijah Clarence  28 Apr 1900Westchester County, New York I33373
4 Knox, Sarah Louisa  14 Apr 1886Westchester County, New York I21973
5 Mabee, Ann Elizabeth  13 Mar 1871Westchester County, New York I11962
6 Mabee, Fanny  27 Jan 1817Westchester County, New York I4339
7 Mabee, James  27 Jan 1817Westchester County, New York I4334
8 Mabee, John  27 Jan 1817Westchester County, New York I4338
9 Mabee, Joseph Walker  13 Mar 1871Westchester County, New York I11937
10 Mabee, Joseph Walker  20 Sep 1890Westchester County, New York I11937
11 Mabee, Sally  27 Jan 1817Westchester County, New York I4343
12 Mabie, Amza Lewis  2 Jun 1883Westchester County, New York I2681
13 Mabie, Elizabeth Catherine Ann  2 Jun 1883Westchester County, New York I2687
14 Mabie, Hamilton Wright  28 Mar 1883Westchester County, New York I15767
15 Mabie, Lorraine Trivett  28 Mar 1883Westchester County, New York I18655
16 Mabie, Mary  2 Jun 1883Westchester County, New York I2685
17 Mabie, Sarah Cromwell  2 Jun 1883Westchester County, New York I2682
18 Maybee, Stephen  27 Jan 1817Westchester County, New York I4337
19 Mebie, Agie  8 May 1787Westchester County, New York I3940
20 Miller, Abraham  27 Jan 1817Westchester County, New York I4341
21 Miller, James M  27 Jan 1817Westchester County, New York I4342
22 Moseman, Oscar Nelson  28 Apr 1900Westchester County, New York I33370
23 Seifer, Jeremeies  8 May 1787Westchester County, New York I3998
24 Siffer, Petrus  8 May 1787Westchester County, New York I3991
25 Van Wyck, Jane  2 Jun 1883Westchester County, New York I41104


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Mabie / Christian  23 Nov 1870Westchester County, New York F528
2 Mabie / Denike  27 Apr 1864Westchester County, New York F3559
3 Mabie / Strang  Westchester County, New York F15599
4 Purdy / Miller  Westchester County, New York F5099
5 Smith / Decker  1770Westchester County, New York F14953

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