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Delaware County, New York



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ada  Abt 1812Delaware County, New York I2918
2 Julia  Oct 1839Delaware County, New York I31535
3 Beals, Amanda  Abt 1815Delaware County, New York I25843
4 Bishop, Joshua  26 Sep 1806Delaware County, New York I42042
5 Boomhower, Abijah G.  Abt 1807Delaware County, New York I42041
6 Calder, John  1804Delaware County, New York I22532
7 Cook, Celinda  Abt 1841Delaware County, New York I11156
8 Crego, George Ralph  4 Jul 1818Delaware County, New York I19322
9 Crego, John  10 Jan 1815Delaware County, New York I19318
10 Crego, Lydia  10 Sep 1813Delaware County, New York I19317
11 Fredenburg, Carrie  Abt Dec 1864Delaware County, New York I31536
12 Fuller, Esther  Abt 1858Delaware County, New York I39944
13 Gavett, Eugene C  Mar 1861Delaware County, New York I40041
14 Georgia, Mary E  Dec 1861Delaware County, New York I42020
15 Holliday, Frances E  1863Delaware County, New York I28248
16 Jenkins, William Henry  21 Apr 1860Delaware County, New York I41987
17 Judson, Frances Amelia  Abt 1838Delaware County, New York I41980
18 Judson, William Augustus  6 Dec 1834Delaware County, New York I41979
19 Lyon, Martha V  Jun 1877Delaware County, New York I23059
20 Mabee, Daniel S.  4 Jul 1813Delaware County, New York I21483
21 Mabee, George  Between 1820 and 1821Delaware County, New York I20565
22 Mabee, Harriet C.  Between 1819 and 1820Delaware County, New York I21468
23 Mabee, Hebron  1821Delaware County, New York I21492
24 Mabee, Maria  1816Delaware County, New York I21490
25 Mabee, Miles B.  11 Oct 1835Delaware County, New York I21433
26 Mabee, Phoebe Jane  10 Oct 1814Delaware County, New York I21480
27 Mabee, Roderick B.  Abt 1825Delaware County, New York I21471
28 Mabee, Silas H.  1833Delaware County, New York I21465
29 Mabey, Stephen  Abt 1827Delaware County, New York I11121
30 Mabie, Adam Kedzie  28 Jan 1819Delaware County, New York I596
31 Mabie, Augustus  Between 1833 and 1834Delaware County, New York I16201
32 Mabie, Daniel  15 Oct 1816Delaware County, New York I1361
33 Mabie, Elias B  31 May 1802Delaware County, New York I548
34 Mabie, Elijah  13 Jan 1806Delaware County, New York I558
35 Mabie, Giles  30 Mar 1804Delaware County, New York I549
36 Mabie, Maria  10 Jan 1806Delaware County, New York I550
37 Mabie, Melissa Rachel  11 Dec 1838Delaware County, New York I568
38 Mabie, Mercy Tallman  1 Jan 1811Delaware County, New York I553
39 Mabie, Peter  17 Feb 1814Delaware County, New York I554
40 Mabie, Deacon Rescom Tallman  1 Oct 1809Delaware County, New York I552
41 Mabie, unnamed son  1832Delaware County, New York I567
42 Riggs, Lucy Ann  5 May 1816Delaware County, New York I16196
43 Robinson, Mary Frances  May 1862Delaware County, New York I42019
44 Rose, Caroline  23 May 1805Delaware County, New York I16202
45 Sackrider, David S  21 Jul 1812Delaware County, New York I4386
46 Simonson, Sally  Sep 1831Delaware County, New York I40210
47 Smith, Harmon  Sep 1824Delaware County, New York I16200
48 Smith, Susan  Abt 1831Delaware County, New York I16203
49 Tallman, Elizabeth  28 Apr 1811Delaware County, New York I572
50 Thomas, Sarah Agnes  Nov 1868Delaware County, New York I40194

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Bishop, Joshua  23 Jan 1846Delaware County, New York I42042
2 Elmore, Sally B.  20 Jun 1832Delaware County, New York I536
3 Lasher, Edward  21 Dec 1879Delaware County, New York I29229
4 Mabie, Mercy Tallman  5 Mar 1816Delaware County, New York I553
5 Maybee, Jennett  21 Feb 1950Delaware County, New York I11085
6 Newman, Anna Eleanor  18 Dec 1954Delaware County, New York I37193
7 Peck, Hiram  1 Jun 1881Delaware County, New York I31775
8 Rose, Caroline  13 Mar 1872Delaware County, New York I16202
9 Sloat, William E  1878Delaware County, New York I42061


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Anecdote    Person ID 
1 Mabey, Clayton Gaston  12 Sep 1918Delaware County, New York I11105
2 Mabie, Elijah  14 Mar 1844Delaware County, New York I558


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Bogardus, William  25 Feb 1895Delaware County, New York I42062
2 Chilchester, Irwin D.  18 Oct 1937Delaware County, New York I11160
3 Dibble, Noah A  11 Jun 1864Delaware County, New York I16295
4 Mabee, Rhoda  4 Jan 1939Delaware County, New York I11151
5 Sloat, Mary A  14 Nov 1868Delaware County, New York I42058
6 Whitbeck, Helen  6 Aug 1904Delaware County, New York I11159


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Witness-Death    Person ID 
1 Mabie, Elijah  13 Mar 1872Delaware County, New York I558


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Crego / Maybee  16 Dec 1812Delaware County, New York F5186

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