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Langport, Somerset, England



Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Gold, Susannah  1 Mar 1728Langport, Somerset, England I35172
2 Gould, Elizabeth  1704Langport, Somerset, England I35168
3 Mabey, Betty  24 Nov 1752Langport, Somerset, England I35173
4 Mabey, Charles  27 Dec 1772Langport, Somerset, England I35179
5 Mabey, Francis  26 Jan 1834Langport, Somerset, England I35215
6 Mabey, Henry  22 May 1830Langport, Somerset, England I35216
7 Mabey, James  17 Aug 1777Langport, Somerset, England I35182
8 Mabey, Jane  15 Sep 1765Langport, Somerset, England I35176
9 Mabey, John  5 Feb 1737Langport, Somerset, England I35170
10 Mabey, John Dare  4 Feb 1800Langport, Somerset, England I35196
11 Mabey, John Morris  18 Jan 1812Langport, Somerset, England I35198
12 Mabey, Juliet  23 Apr 1783Langport, Somerset, England I35184
13 Mabey, Martha  5 Jan 1760Langport, Somerset, England I35174
14 Mabey, Richard  28 Aug 1730Langport, Somerset, England I35171
15 Mabey, Sarah  24 Mar 1762Langport, Somerset, England I35175
16 Mabey, Sarah  20 Apr 1794Langport, Somerset, England I35187
17 Mabey, Sarah Morris  1802Langport, Somerset, England I35197
18 Mabey, Thomas  27 Aug 1734Langport, Somerset, England I35169
19 Mabey, Thomas  18 Jan 1755Langport, Somerset, England I35180
20 Mabey, Thomas  14 Oct 1779Langport, Somerset, England I35188
21 Mabey, William  1704Langport, Somerset, England I35167
22 Mabey, William  16 May 1757Langport, Somerset, England I35177
23 Mabey, William  1 Jul 1768Langport, Somerset, England I35178
24 Mabey, William  18 Feb 1789Langport, Somerset, England I35183


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Corry, Ann  Abt May 1841Langport, Somerset, England I35186
2 Gould, Elizabeth  1750Langport, Somerset, England I35168
3 Mabey, Charles  4 Feb 1780Langport, Somerset, England I35179
4 Mabey, Eliza  31 Mar 1841Langport, Somerset, England I35191
5 Mabey, Francis  Abt Dec 1834Langport, Somerset, England I35215
6 Mabey, James  4 Jan 1784Langport, Somerset, England I35182
7 Mabey, Jane  3 May 1767Langport, Somerset, England I35176
8 Mabey, John Dare  May 1805Langport, Somerset, England I35196
9 Mabey, Juliet  7 Jan 1784Langport, Somerset, England I35184
10 Mabey, Martha  21 Aug 1768Langport, Somerset, England I35174
11 Mabey, Rachel  Jan 1808Langport, Somerset, England I35190
12 Mabey, Richard  24 May 1789Langport, Somerset, England I35171
13 Mabey, Richard  Nov 1864Langport, Somerset, England I35185
14 Mabey, Sarah  12 Jan 1776Langport, Somerset, England I35175
15 Mabey, Sarah  20 Aug 1797Langport, Somerset, England I35187
16 Mabey, Sarah Morris  Dec 1815Langport, Somerset, England I35197
17 Mabey, Thomas  20 Feb 1827Langport, Somerset, England I35180
18 Mabey, William  1 Mar 1761Langport, Somerset, England I35167
19 Mabey, William  5 Oct 1766Langport, Somerset, England I35177
20 Mabey, William  15 Mar 1789Langport, Somerset, England I35183
21 Mabey, William  17 Feb 1822Langport, Somerset, England I35178
22 Morris, Rachel  Feb 1836Langport, Somerset, England I35189


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Mabey, Richard  Between 1813 and 1826Langport, Somerset, England I35185
2 Mabey, Thomas  Between 1814 and 1820Langport, Somerset, England I35188


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Mabey / Corry  3 Jun 1811Langport, Somerset, England F12383
2 Mabey / Morris  1 Nov 1798Langport, Somerset, England F12384
3 Mabey / Norris  16 Jul 1775Langport, Somerset, England F12382

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