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Seattle, King County, Washington



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Buchanan, Ronald Angus  26 Aug 1909Seattle, King County, Washington I39266
2 Hardy, Audrey Darrin  27 Jul 1920Seattle, King County, Washington I40343
3 Harris, Betty Marie  11 Feb 1924Seattle, King County, Washington I36650
4 Harris, Shirley Arlene  13 Mar 1927Seattle, King County, Washington I36651
5 Hinckley, Tedye Lenore  7 Jun 1932Seattle, King County, Washington I131
6 Lechner, Rev. Paul Henry  1 May 1928Seattle, King County, Washington I19957
7 Loftus, Marie Bessie  1 Jun 1926Seattle, King County, Washington I39715
8 MaBee, Alice Rosamond  24 Jul 1915Seattle, King County, Washington I28285
9 Mabee, Margaret Elizabeth  9 Aug 1913Seattle, King County, Washington I26387
10 Mabee, Martin David  13 Jul 1942Seattle, King County, Washington I33387
11 Maybee, Archie William  2 Apr 1925Seattle, King County, Washington I55
12 Maybee, Douglas Paul  20 May 1952Seattle, King County, Washington I6530
13 Maybee, Robert Adair  1 Aug 1937Seattle, King County, Washington I7783
14 Maybee, Stephen Adair  11 Mar 1960Seattle, King County, Washington I7794
15 McNamara, Roger John  27 Feb 1959Seattle, King County, Washington I6572
16 Patterson, Melissa Anne  3 Apr 1952Seattle, King County, Washington I9164
17 Perry, Bianca Lynn  28 Jul 1958Seattle, King County, Washington I84
18 Raymond, Vivian Maybee Martin  27 Jan 1924Seattle, King County, Washington I5999
19 Shullenberg, Gordon Hugh  4 Aug 1919Seattle, King County, Washington I15976
20 Stafford, Elizabeth Harrington  25 Jul 1907Seattle, King County, Washington I5973
21 Stoneburg, Jacqueline Maureen  29 Jan 1934Seattle, King County, Washington I24800
22 Waldean, James Olav  10 Mar 1960Seattle, King County, Washington I10334
23 Wilson, Judy Lee  8 Oct 1941Seattle, King County, Washington I39271
24 Wolfla, Charles Arnie  13 Jan 1922Seattle, King County, Washington I38318


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Thomas Edward  14 Mar 1944Seattle, King County, Washington I39438
2 Ackert, John Daniel  29 Sep 2003Seattle, King County, Washington I10328
3 Andal, Anna Maria  13 Jul 1958Seattle, King County, Washington I42001
4 Beller, Esther  17 Jul 1972Seattle, King County, Washington I31216
5 Brockman, Paul Martin  25 Mar 1963Seattle, King County, Washington I6537
6 Buchanan, Angus Charles  7 Mar 1942Seattle, King County, Washington I29160
7 Buchanan, Ronald Angus  16 Aug 1941Seattle, King County, Washington I39266
8 Clampett, Minnie Belle  24 Jan 1957Seattle, King County, Washington I38317
9 Clark, Newton Mabee  16 Mar 1975Seattle, King County, Washington I41346
10 Clemons, Harold Lynn  23 Aug 1998Seattle, King County, Washington I37659
11 Coleman, Louisa  24 Jul 1930Seattle, King County, Washington I37905
12 Collar, Phoebe Elizabeth  18 Aug 1922Seattle, King County, Washington I11281
13 Cook, Pamela Fae  22 Apr 2000Seattle, King County, Washington I28763
14 Derifield, Issac M.  14 Nov 1938Seattle, King County, Washington I42275
15 Dodds, Gertrude Mae  2 Dec 1988Seattle, King County, Washington I36434
16 Dowell, Lilla Earle  9 Aug 1988Seattle, King County, Washington I19859
17 Fox, Bernard John  Jan 1987Seattle, King County, Washington I39710
18 Freer, William Albert  8 Sep 1966Seattle, King County, Washington I12549
19 Glover, Milton Eugene  22 Dec 1997Seattle, King County, Washington I28767
20 Gonser, Clara Louise  15 Jan 1997Seattle, King County, Washington I35121
21 Gonser, Frank Elijah  30 Sep 1959Seattle, King County, Washington I35120
22 Gonser, Wallace Samuel  1 Jun 1998Seattle, King County, Washington I35125
23 Haines, Nellie E  6 Feb 1946Seattle, King County, Washington I40157
24 Harris, Flora  15 Jan 1938Seattle, King County, Washington I34270
25 Hayes, Ermal Mae  14 Mar 1955Seattle, King County, Washington I40603
26 Hayes, Zella O  6 Jun 1951Seattle, King County, Washington I40602
27 Ireland, Amanda  20 Aug 1906Seattle, King County, Washington I21941
28 James, Muriel Elizabeth  25 Dec 1965Seattle, King County, Washington I34272
29 Kennedy, Wilmer Henry  4 Jan 1983Seattle, King County, Washington I39595
30 Kirkaldie, Florence Mae  May 1979Seattle, King County, Washington I42190
31 Kirkaldie, Walter Scott  17 Aug 1970Seattle, King County, Washington I42193
32 Lane, Cornelius Austin Aubel  10 Jun 1988Seattle, King County, Washington I42884
33 Letson, Mildred Elizabeth  8 Aug 1978Seattle, King County, Washington I7773
34 Lytle, Dr Dr Elmer Elsworth  17 Aug 1931Seattle, King County, Washington I34251
35 Lytle, Ellen Gail  26 Dec 2002Seattle, King County, Washington I29887
36 Lytle, Gwendolen  1 Jun 1992Seattle, King County, Washington I29885
37 Mabee, Francis Simon  19 Nov 1929Seattle, King County, Washington I3048
38 Mabee, Jack Aaron  17 Apr 1995Seattle, King County, Washington I60
39 Mabee, Martin David  17 Sep 2004Seattle, King County, Washington I33387
40 Mabee, Mary Estella  1 Apr 1950Seattle, King County, Washington I19270
41 Mabie, Glenn Edward  23 May 1972Seattle, King County, Washington I28424
42 Mabie, Martin Anthony  6 Apr 1995Seattle, King County, Washington I19283
43 Mabie, Nellie Maude  9 Jun 1955Seattle, King County, Washington I27378
44 Maby, Margaret Edith  5 Sep 1972Seattle, King County, Washington I1190
45 Mackel, Catherine Marie  12 Feb 1957Seattle, King County, Washington I28546
46 Mathews, Laverne Edward  21 Oct 2011Seattle, King County, Washington I25128
47 Maybay, Ross E  6 Jan 1965Seattle, King County, Washington I31211
48 Maybee, Archie Reuben  16 Jan 1971Seattle, King County, Washington I6535
49 Maybee, Archie William  10 Dec 2005Seattle, King County, Washington I55
50 Maybee, Benjamin K  10 Jan 1902Seattle, King County, Washington I837

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Brockman, Paul Martin  Seattle, King County, Washington I6537
2 Lipfert, Louise Marie  Seattle, King County, Washington I6538


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Anecdote    Person ID 
1 Barnum, Harry David  12 Sep 1918Seattle, King County, Washington I28368
2 Full, Elura Morgan  12 Sep 1918Seattle, King County, Washington I1507
3 Harris, Guy Philip  5 Jun 1917Seattle, King County, Washington I26555
4 Lane, James Sydney  12 Sep 1918Seattle, King County, Washington I1538
5 MaBee, Ernest Ross  12 Sep 1918Seattle, King County, Washington I12003
6 Maybee, George Morgan  12 Sep 1918Seattle, King County, Washington I17094


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Note    Person ID 
1 Vernon, William Harrison  20 Jul 1925Seattle, King County, Washington I42968


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Mabee, Jessie Maud  Jul 1976Seattle, King County, Washington I26464


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Witness-Death    Person ID 
1 Mabie, Glenn Edward  15 Jan 1938Seattle, King County, Washington I28424

WW2 Draft

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    WW2 Draft    Person ID 
1 Buchanan, Ronald Angus  16 Oct 1940Seattle, King County, Washington I39266
2 Fox, Bernard John  8 Jan 1945Seattle, King County, Washington I39710
3 Fox, Willard Claire  6 Jan 1943Seattle, King County, Washington I39709
4 Mabee, Alice  16 Oct 1940Seattle, King County, Washington I12001
5 MaBee, Alice Rosamond  16 Oct 1940Seattle, King County, Washington I28285
6 Mabee, Charles Aaron  16 Oct 1940Seattle, King County, Washington I27926
7 MaBee, Ernest Ross  25 Apr 1942Seattle, King County, Washington I12003
8 Mabee, Jessie Eleanor  6 Jan 1943Seattle, King County, Washington I19032
9 Mabee, Jessie Eleanor  8 Jan 1945Seattle, King County, Washington I19032
10 Mabee, Margaret Elizabeth  16 Oct 1940Seattle, King County, Washington I26387
11 Peirson, Van Rensselaer  16 Oct 1940Seattle, King County, Washington I39270
12 Southard, Glenn C  27 Apr 1942Seattle, King County, Washington I4065
13 Wilson, William Edward  16 Oct 1940Seattle, King County, Washington I33669


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 / Stevens  5 Aug 1924Seattle, King County, Washington F11883
2 Arnold / Stoneburg  9 Mar 1962Seattle, King County, Washington F7280
3 Baker / Maybee  6 May 1961Seattle, King County, Washington F7661
4 Fox / Loftus  10 Sep 1949Seattle, King County, Washington F15056
5 Johnson / Mabie  3 Nov 1917Seattle, King County, Washington F794
6 MaBee / Clayworth  20 Jun 1907Seattle, King County, Washington F8137
7 Mabee / Hardy  20 Dec 1941Seattle, King County, Washington F15105
8 Mabie / Harris  19 Aug 1937Seattle, King County, Washington F11916
9 Mabie / James  31 May 1959Seattle, King County, Washington F11918
10 Mabie / McDonald  19 Nov 1942Seattle, King County, Washington F11917
11 Martin / Stafford  14 Jun 1930Seattle, King County, Washington F1510
12 Maybee / Simmons  29 Dec 1956Seattle, King County, Washington F2020
13 McMurtrey / Beller  3 Jan 1955Seattle, King County, Washington F11931
14 Patrick /   11 Jun 1946Seattle, King County, Washington F15065
15 Pettit / Maybee  8 Mar 1940Seattle, King County, Washington F2018
16 Shannon / Duerlein  15 Jan 1912Seattle, King County, Washington F7761
17 Stoneburg / Rowe  28 Aug 1932Seattle, King County, Washington F7279
18 Wilson / MaBee  21 Nov 1936Seattle, King County, Washington F11588

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