Sources for A Chronology of Mabie/Mabee/Maybee/Mabey Records

For the First Three Generations in North America

Prepared by Steve Mabie
Last Revised: 02/14/2009


All records contained in "A Chronology of Mabie/Mabee/Maybee/Mabey Records" are verified, primary records. These records document the first three generations of the Mabie/Mabee/Maybee family in North America.

Each church record is identified as a Marriage or a Baptism. Each church, for which records are included in this file, is identified by a unique number, as follows:

01 = The Reformed Dutch Church of New Amsterdam (later New York)
03 = The Records of the French Church in New York
10 = The Reformed Dutch Church of Albany, NY
11 = The Schenectady Reformed Dutch Church, NY
91 = The Reformed Church of Hackensack, NJ

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