Sources of Mabie/Mabee/Maybee Records

Prepared by Steve Mabie


PLEASE NOTE: All names are spelled as found in the records. Therefore, a global search of this file by name will not necessarily locate the appropriate records.

All records contained in the Chronologies of Mabie/Mabee/Maybee files are verified, primary records. Most of them are from Albany, Schenectady, Montgomery and Herkimer Counties in the State of New York. Each record is identified by type as (M) for a Marriage or (B) for a Baptism. Following the record type, the source for each record is identified. Sources identifed with a number or acronym refer to sources in this file. The identity of the source for each unique number or acronym is as follows:

      01 = The Reformed Dutch Church of New Amsterdam (later New York City)
      02 = Madison Avenue Reformed Church, New York City
      04 = Trinity Church Parish, New York City
      05 = Reformed Dutch Church at Greenwich, New York City
      06 = Manhattan Reformed Dutch Church
      10 = The Reformed Dutch Church of Albany, NY
      11 = The Schenectady Reformed Dutch Church, NY
      12 = St. George Episcopal Church, Schenectady, NY
      13 = The Reformed Church of Woestina (Rotterdam), NY
      14 = The Reformed Church of Glenville, NY
      15 = First Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of the Town of Glen, NY
      16 = German Flats Reformed Church
      17 = Scotia Reformed Church, Scotia, Schenectady County, NY
      18 = Caughnawaga Reformed Church, Fonda
      19 = Herkimer Reformed Church, Herkimer
      20 = Scotia Baptist Church, Scotia, Schenectady County, NY
      21 = St. John's Reformed Church, St Johnsville Church, NY
      22 = Reformed Church of Stone Arabia
      23 = Trinity Lutheran Church of Stone Arabia
      24 = Reformed Dutch Church of Saugerties
      25 = Bethlehem Reformed Church, Albany County
      26 = Reformed Church of Columbia, Herkimer County
      27 = Reformed Calvinist Church Of Canajoharie (AKA Fort Plain or Sand Hill)
      28 = St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Town of Minden, NY
      29 = The Reformed Church of Mapletown, Canajoharie, NY
      30 = Reformed Protestant Church of Florida, Minaville, Montgomery Co., NY
      40 = The Reformed Church of Tappan, Orange (now Rockland) County, NY
      41 = Clarkstown Reformed Church, Orange, (now Rockland) County
      42 = The Irregular Church of Tappan, NY
      43 = Greenbush Pres. Church, Blauvelt, Rockland County
      44 = Reformed Dutch Church of Kakiat, Rockland County
      48 = Reformed Dutch Church of Warwick, Orange County
      50 = The First Reformed Church of Hopewell, Dutchess County, NY
      51 = The Reformed Dutch Church at Fishkill
      52 = The Reformed Church of New Hackensack, Dutchess County
      53 = Christ Church, Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County (marriage only)
      54 = Third Evangelical Lutheran Church, Rhinebeck, Dutchess County (baptism only)
      55 = Baptisimal Record of Eight Episcopal Congregations of Old Rhinebeck, Dutchess Co.
            including Episcopal Church Of The Messiah, Rhinebeck, Dutchess, New York
      56 = Poughkeepsie Reformed Church, Dutchess County
      57 = Rhinebeck Reformed Church, Dutchess County (marriage only)
      59 = Register of Baptisms 1766 Ė 1916 (Dutchess County?)
      61 = Kinderhook, Columbia County
      63 = West Philippi or Old Gilead Church, Carmel, Putnam County
      65 = Reformed Dutch Church of Wolver Hollow Long Island. (Oyster Bay)
      66 = St. Georgeís Episcopal Church, Hempstead, Long Island
      67 = Christís First Presbyterian Church, Hempstead, Long Island
      70 = The First Reformed Church of Tarrytown, NY (The Old Dutch Church of Sleepy Hollow)
      71 = The French Church at New Rochelle
      72 = Christís Church at Rye, NY
      73 = Church of Christ, Salem, Westchester County, NY
      74 = Hanover Presbyterian Church, Yorktown, Westchester County
      81 = Kingston Dutch Reformed Church, Ulster County
      82 = New Paltz Reformed Church
      83 = Dutch Reformed Church, New Hurley, Ulster County, NY
      85 = Reformed Church, Gallatin, Columbia County
      86 = St. Johnís Lutheran, Manorton, Columbia County
      87 = Presbyterian Church, Greenville, Greene, New York
      90 = Church Register of the Walpeck Congregation
      91 = The First Reformed Church of Hackensack, NJ
      92 = The Reformed Church of Schraalenburgh, NJ
      93 = The Reformed Church of Bergen, NJ
      94 = The Reformed Church of Paramus, NJ
      95 = The Reformed Church of North Schraalenburgh, Dumont, NJ
      96 = Zion Lutheran Church, Saddle River, NJ
      97 = The English Neighborhood True Reformed Church, Ridgefield, Bergen Co., NJ
      98 = The Hamburg Baptist Church, Sussex County, NJ
      99 = Reformed Dutch Church, Pompton and Pompton Plains, NJ
      NYML = Manhattan New York Marriage License, no church record found
      NJML = From Documents Relating to the Colonial History of the State of New Jersey, Vol 22
      SCNJ = Sussex County NJ Marriages by Howard E. Case
      MCNJ = Morris County NJ Marriages
      BCNJ = Bergen County NJ Marriages
      NYNP = New York State Newspapers, no church record found
      NYM = New York Methodist Marriages 1785 Ė 1893 by Wm. Scott Fisher

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