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Royal A. Mabee (1906-1971)
Royal's information was principally based on extensive interviews with Mabies (of all spellings) during the mid 20th century in the United States. The original of Royal's notebook is at the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society.

R. Robert Mutrie, Maybee Society Member Number 23
In 1986, R. Robert Mutrie published his book 6,000 New York Ancestors: A Compendium of Mabie Research, which compiled into one easy to read book the research of Royal Mabee, MacKenzie and others.

Steve Mabie of San Antonio, Texas. Maybee Society Vice President since 2005
Steve, used Mutrie's book as a starting point and focused on finding original records which would either support or correct this baseline. Steve has assembled a collection of thousands of baptism and marriage records, supplemented by hundreds of probate records covering the first two and a half centuries of the Mabies in North America. This and much more can be seen at THIS SECTION of the website.

John MayBee of Scotts Valley, California. Maybee Society Database Coordinator 1995-2022
John’s research areas include England; censuses in US, UK, and Canada; and databases

John Albert (Jack) Maybee (1928-2007) President of the Maybee Society 1994-2003
Wrote the book Descendants of William and Sophia Scripture Mabie which is a history of the Mabies of the South Valley, Otsego County, New York area

Paul Mabey of Denver, Colorado. Maybee Society Database Administrator since 2023
Researches the England Mabeys

Joan McCathie-Rea
Researched New Zealand Mabeys and wrote History of the Mabey Family 1696-2003

Douglas Cameron Mabee
Researches the Canadian Mabees

Ruth Linder
Researched the Michigan Mabies as part of her Saxon file.

Barbara Millar
Researches the Canadian Mabies and more

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