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The Maybee Society website is built using TNG (The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding). This application has been developed specifically for Genealogy and offers an impressive set of features that I hope to gradually introduce.

TNG not only takes care of the overall website appearance, but it also has an integrated database that allows us to present the data in variety of new ways. It also comes with greater security protections allowing us to control what information is available to the general public and what is restricted to society members.

As of January 2023, the primary datastore where all records are kept is Family Tree Maker. A major conversion took place to move everything out of TMG (The Master Genealogist) and into FTM (Family Tree Maker) mostly due to the fact that TMG stopped receiving support or updates in 2014. Besides bugs not getting fixed, the size of our database had been putting a strain on things which justified the switch. Even though TNG is fully capable of being the single database for everything, and possibly will be one day, it has been decided to keep this two pronged approach for the time being.

Paul Mabey, Webmaster and Database Administrator

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